Welcome the Strangers

13th July 2018

Welcome the Strangers

Friday 13th July 2018 is an important day for the UK as the Prime Minister is scheduled to sit down with the US President.

You may have strong opinions on whether this visit is a good thing. Certainly many people of different faiths or none, different politics or none, are alarmed when they see increasing amounts of fear and division being stirred up not just in the USA but around the World.

But rather than repaying hate with hate, we want to use that energy to find a very positive and creative response.

So we are inviting people to choose this day to sit down with people they would not normally spend time with – possibly someone with a quite different outlook on life.

  • The Muslim family who often walk past and you’ve never spoken to.
  • The couple whose sexuality looks different to yours but they always say hi.
  • The Christian couple who you think might judge the way you speak.
  • The new asylum-seekers whose culture seems so unfamiliar.
  • The older man at the bus-stop who you presume is a bigot, though you’ve never chatted.
  • The cleaner who you bumped into that day you went to work really early.
  • The nocturnal students across the road who just don’t understand bin collection days like you.


Many cultures, religions, lifestyles, politics.

Supporters of different teams.





Looking for ideas for an event? Here’s some advice from Jo Cox’s Great Get Together who have been bringing people together for longer than we have. 

Unsure about different languages and cultures? Local Welcome is a new charity who make it incredibly easy for local people and refugees to plan a meal together.

Worried about how to empathise without capitulating? Here’s the Three Practices, a tool that lets you increase the level of respect without raising the temperature in the relationship.

If you’re involved with a school – maybe you could host a meal there to bring together families who’d not normally connect. We can put you in touch with one school who has already done this and will be doing it again.

If you would do something on or around 13th July, that would be great. And maybe you could tell us, and let us know whether we can tell others.

Our hope is that on that day people will be building bridges, breaking down walls, reuniting families, and, like the Prime Minister, welcoming the stranger – even those we might disagree with.